ABK GROUP INDUSTRIE CERAMICHE S.P.A.a tile company specialized in white body double fired tiles

Posted onOctober 23, 2013

ABK GROUP INDUSTRIE CERAMICHE S.P.A.i-tile manufacturer-Modena Italy

ABK was established in 1992 as a ceramics manufacturer specialising in wall tiles. Thanks to a series of strategic, carefully targeted acquisitions, the ABK brand now also stands out in the manufacture of porcelain stoneware floor tiles, offering clearly identifiable products whose aesthetics and quality do not just meet market trends, they often set them.

Nowadays, the company is recognised worldwide as a leader in Italian ceramics whose corporate philosophy has quality and service at its core.

This is possible thanks to the two major industrial facilities, equipped with specialised production technology, located in Finale Emilia and Solignano, which work in synergy with the logistics hub in Fiorano Modenese.

a tile company specialized in white body double fired tiles

Address: Via San Lorenzo 24/A
Zip: 41034
City: Finale Emilia
Province: Modena
Telephone: 39-0535-761-311
Fax: 39-0535-592-800
E-mail: abk@abk.it
Web: www.abk.it
Marketing Director: Pres. Roberto Fabbri

CINCA – Industrial Ceramics Company – Portugal

Posted onOctober 21, 2013

The Past

The uncontested market leader in Portugal today, representing approximately 17% of domestic production, CINCA – Industrial Ceramics Company, S.A., has consistently enlarged its scope of operations and is present throughout Europe, where 50% of the company’s production is exported.CINCA started with the production of unglazed mosaic but soon understood the necessity of offering a product range capable of satisfying customers with the highest requirements. Also wanting a reliable partner, offering a comprehensive choice of products.At the beginning of 1965, production capacity was 300.000 sqm per annum in a single electric kiln. By then Cinca had a total of 120 employees and a factory area of 6.000 sqm.Right from the start the need to introduce a strong brand with new products in an unknown marketplace was always present, as well as the concern that concentrating sales in the local market was a big risk. As a consequence, exports started in 1966. Product quality and service were amongst the top priorities, enabling Cinca to establish itself in a middle-top segment and set high quality standards.

In 1978 exports represented a third of global sales and the strong demand for Cinca products initiated new investment.

Between 1987 and 1989 strategic acquisitions were made – CIC, DECOCER and LITOCER. With five specialised production units Cinca was now able to offer a very comprehensive choice of products.

During this period exports represented 50% of CINCA’s global sales. Diversification and reinforced management capacity complemented the strategy to overcome the challenges of the 90’s.

Following an investment plan, CINCA’s production capacity had risen from 1 to 4 million sqm within 10 years of its foundation and the number of workers had grown to over 600.

Keramik Holding AG Laufen determined the strategic policy of the company once they became the major shareholder in 1992. They were determinant in the reorganization processes of the commercial and administrative sectors.In 1998 Keramik Holding AG Laufen sold its shares in Cinca to the Italian group, Ceramiche Ricchetti. Strong in the production of wall and floor tiles, Ceramiche Ricchetti works on a global scale & has several production units in Europe. Ricchetti also has a vast international distribution network, spreading from the Far East to the America’s.The integration of CINCA into the Ricchetti Group allowed the coordinated production of wall and floor tile, and additional benefits were seen in the rationalization of the administrative, financial and commercial processes.

It also opened up new development prospects, allowing us to benefit from the knowledge & considerable negotiating power of the second largest Italian ceramic tile producer, whilst taking full advantage of Ricchetti’s vast international distribution network.

The Present

With a total of 690 employees Cinca now owns and operates 6 production units: two producing glazed and unglazed floor tiles, one for glazed porcelain, two for wall tiles; one of which has 3rd firing and rectifying facilities, and one producing extruded tiles. Maximum capacity is approximately 11,500.000 sqm per year. Of which 3,850.000 sqm are glazed and unglazed floor tiles, 1,500.000 sqm glazed porcelain, 4,800.000 sqm wall tiles (including 3rd firing) and 1,350.000 sqm extruded tiles.

Ceramic tiles made by CINCA help create an individual and stylish environment however large or small, whether bathroom or kitchen, car showroom or shopping mall. The use of ceramic tiles is advantageous, as they are easily cleaned and maintained, fire resistant and allergy-free, and don’t forget – they’re natural products.

Customer service is top priority at Cinca. Considerable investments in IT have been made, which allow on-line communication between all our production sites. The all-new CAD system provides effective response to demands related to product development.

CINCA develops its products and product concepts in close co-operation with internationally renowned design studios as well as colour and fashion trend consultants. In this way CINCA is able to respond to new orientations in customer preferences while at the same time fulfilling the needs of architects & urban planners in their constant search for new colour and product combinations with no compromise on quality.

The large variety and flexibility of the CINCA product ranges will provide our customers with the perfect solution for the renovation of any space.

Today Cinca has a world wide capacity scope, and a strong leadership position in the ceramics market.

The Future

Throughout our history, Cinca’s foremost ambition has been to grow and evolve. Gradually, we have built up a reputation in the world of ceramics, and today we are in a position to forge ahead into the future with confidence. In order to consolidate our position and face the challenges of a world leader in ceramics, Cinca combines technology and decades of experience, resulting in an exceptional product. High technology and innovative methods enable us to offer an extensive range of floor tiles with high resistance, outstanding quality and undeniable beauty.

We believe that the continuous investment in human resources, new materials and technology will result in a tight proximity between our products and the needs of the consumer.

Cinca strategy is to develop new products based on interior decoration and adopt a service-oriented approach.

You only get one chance to impress. Cinca uses past experience & innovative thinking to create products that are of superior quality and are innovative in design: we want to make sure that chance is maximized.

Cinca – innovative solutions to future market demands.


Rua Principal, nº 39
Apartado 12
P-4509-908 Fiães VFR
T: 00351 22 747 64 00
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E-mail cinca@cinca.pt
Rua Principal, nº 39 Rua Principal, nº 39
Apartado 12 Apartado 12
P-4509-908 Fiães VFR P-4509-908 Fiães VFR
T: 00351 22 747 64 04 T: 00351 22 747 64 62
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