CERATEC INC. -tile shop- Toronto, Ontario, Canada opening hours

Posted onOctober 11, 2013

CERATEC INC. -tile shop- Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ceratec is working with its world-wide partners to broaden our offer of sustainable green building supplies that will help you qualify for The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™.

Address: 320 Davenport Rd., Suite 105
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Zip: M5R 1K6
Telephone: 416-413-9008
Fax: 416-413-9652
Web: www.cercantile.com

COUNTRY FLOORS (CANADA), Inc. – tile shop-Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Posted onJune 7, 2012

COUNTRY FLOORS (CANADA), Inc. – tile shop-Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We hope that you have discovered something of interest and enjoyed browsing through our web site. It is unfortunate, but even the most advanced technology cannot do justice to the real thing; cannot reveal the precise colour or texture, or the feel and touch of each TILE. We recommend treating this presentation as a brief glimpse into the heart and soul of Country Floors™ and a guide to visiting one of our showrooms where our fully trained staff will be on hand to discuss your needs and to provide advice on the best solutions for your special requirements. Most important of all, our showrooms are where you will see our entire range of products for yourself.

Address: 321 Davenport Road
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Zip: M5R 1K5
Telephone: 416-922-9214
Fax: 416-922-3612

Web: www.countryfloors.com

Polmaster Ceramic Tile Centre-tile store-Mississauga, ON Canada

Posted onMay 14, 2012

Polmaster Ceramic Tile Centre-tile store-Mississauga, ON Canada

Polmaster Ceramic Tile Center is Ontario’s one stop shop for all of your tile and installation needs. We carry thousands of types and varieties of tiles. We specialize in both residential and commercial installations. Polmaster employs over 40 skilled and experienced crews guided under a policy that ensures prevention of discrepancies in material and workmanship.

Our Mission

Polmaster’s mission is to be an excellent tile retailer and construction company specializing in tile applications.

Our Facility

Our modern 35,000 square feet facility is well equipped to receiving all sizes of orders, both small and big. If you are an individual looking for a few tiles to replace in your home, or a business wishing to tile many thousands of square feet – you have come to the right place.  We strive to provide you with as much variety as possible. We have a huge and a growing amount of ceramic tiles in our warehouse centre for you to choose from.


You are invited to our showroom to browse and compare a great variety of tiles.


Polmaster Ceramic Tile Centre

(905) 565-6599


6215 Kennedy Road, Mississauga, ON L5T 2S8