GranitiFiandre -Tile Flooring and Wall Coverings- Italy.

Posted onOctober 28, 2013

GranitiFiandre –Tile Flooring and Wall Coverings– Italy.

Fiandre is the undisputed leader in its field, the result of its resplendent past marked by many successful challenges, its inestimable experience and its young and dynamic management team in pursuit of an unusual goal: the value of excellence. Fiandre produces high-end, porcelain stoneware slabs to cover floors and walls, chosen by leading designers across the globe for their architectural projects.
Truly exclusive surfaces, designed with the support of architects and designers to offer solutions that are always exactly what the world of design wants.


Fiandre is stretching the horizons of architecture with Extreme: its latest production line focused on large 150×75 cm slabs.
The latest frontier of Fiandre’s production is focused firmly on the future and on solutions for modern designers. Extreme technology was developed and applied by its own Research & Development team, taking us to the forefront in the production of new slabs that guarantee unique visual impact for highly effective design solutions.


Fiandre is LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the system used to assess energy-environmental quality with the ultimate goal of high performance “green” buildings that respect nature. The company was also recently added to the list of members of the Green Building Council, testimony of its dedication to the values of environmental eco-sustainability. More than 70 Fiandre materials are made according to the parameters required for LEED certification, materials made using over 40% of recycled resources.
The latest certificate issued by the ANAB, Association of sustainable architecture, has also acknowledged this dedication by including Fiandre materials in the list of products certified for green building. What’s more, UNESCO has offered the opportunity to join the circuit of UNESCO Heritage Italian cities with the common goal of working to preserve the cultural heritage and landscape of our country.

GranitiFiandre S.p.A
Via Radici Nord, 112
42014 Castellarano (Reggio Emilia)
Tel: 0536 819611
Fax: (+39) 0536 858082 (Italia)
(+39) 0536 850088/857065 (Estero)

Floor Gres Ceramiche-tile manufacturer-Fiorano Modenese, Modena, Italy.

Posted onOctober 23, 2013

Floor Gres Ceramichetile manufacturer-Fiorano Modenese, Modena, Italy.
Florim Ceramiche SpA

Floor Gres produces porcelain stoneware slabs with high technical performances, for residential and public architectural projects and for swimming facilities of all kinds and sizes.

Floor Gres is in constant dialogue with professionals and companies to guarantee state-of-the-art design solutions.
In the References section you can view some of our works where the Floor Gres products are used.

Via Canaletto, 24
Fiorano Modenese, 41042

Tel.+39 0536 840 111
Fax: +39 0536 844 750

Ceramiche REFIN – Italy

Posted onOctober 21, 2013

Ceramiche Refin was established in 1962 and at first it produced tile bodies (biscuits); in 1983, thanks to its know-how developed during the years, it began to produce glazed ceramic wall tiles until 1995, when it started manufacturing porcelain stoneware tiles.

The company continued to grow and nowadays it has become a point of reference for the Italian and international ceramic market: as a matter of fact, it has been part of the Concorde Group, European’s second largest ceramic tile group in terms of turnover, since 1998.

During 2008, with the help of its 200-plus employees, Ceramiche Refin’s turnover figure reached approximately 70 million Euro.

Refin Ceramiche’s Mission

Creating, within the porcelain stoneware tiles market, dedicated to the planning of light commercial and evolved residential projects, design solutions with high quality technological performances, of Italian style and image, via a management process of high ethical standards and respect for the environment.

Bringing ceramic tile materials to the new millennium exploiting new destinations of use and creative paths: this is DesignTaleStudio‘s objective.

Refin Ceramics’ DesignTaleStudio started in 2005, the fruit of a research team aiming to find the definition and exploitation of new creative and technical uses for porcelain stoneware tiles. The team’s goal is that of overcoming the bias associated to ceramic tiles offering new destinations of use for porcelain stoneware at the same time enhancing its creative design content.

A team of expert professionals

Refin Ceramics’ DesignTaleStudio is above all a team of professionals coming from various business environments and sharing the mutual goal of combining creative experience, technical knowledge, planning and managing abilities.
Following the development of the projects, the team acquire new skills making the DTS a dynamic, constantly growing pool. The DesignTaleStudio carries out researches directly on ceramic materials with an eye on business ethic and environmental issues, Refin Ceramics’ driving values.

DesignTaleStudio is a registered trademark owned by Ceramiche Refin spa.


Ceramiche Refin SpA
Via I Maggio, 22 – Salvaterra di Casalgrande
42013 Reggio Emilia – Italy
Tel. +39.0522.990.499
Fax Ita +39.0522.849.270
Fax Exp +39.0522.990.578
email: info[at]refin[dot]it

Alfagres – Tile Shop – Miami, FL, USA

Posted onMay 27, 2013

Alfagres – Tile Shop – Miami, FL, USA

Alfagres was founded more than 50 years ago and for years it has been a leader in the production of high-density quarry tiles, ceramic tiles and tumbled marble.
 Alfages offers excellent durable products combined with multiple design solutions. Alfages Collections of floor, wall and trim pieces makes the selection process of choosing finishes an easier one.
 Sales for North America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Pacific are managed from Miami, FL USA.
Sales for Mexico, Central & South America are managed from Bogota, Colombia.

Contact Information

7122 N.W. 50 Street
Miami, FL 33166
United States of America
Tel: 305-594-3922
Fax: 305-594-0052
Toll Free: 800-357-5472

DécoR Stone- tile and stone shop -Burwood, VIC, Australia.

Posted onMarch 18, 2013

DécoR Stone- tile and stone shop –Burwood, VIC, Australia.

DécoR Stone is known within the decorative industry for being at the forefront for offering sustainable & éco stone solutions. With a growing focus on environmental issues & sustainable landscape designs we are consciously involved with xeriscaping and roofscaping. We aspire to be leaders in providing sustainable design solutions.Unlike similar products in the market, DecoR Ledge is manufactured using natural stone materials such as slate, granite, quartz and schist. Capture the appeal of the old world charm with this new collection of natural stone ledge stone.

DécoR Pebble

84-90 Highbury Rd, Burwood, VIC 3125

p: 03 9888 9888  f: 03 9888 9884