Via Rome Tiles and Ceramics – Tile Shop closing hours- Perth, WA, Australia

Posted onDecember 21, 2013

Via Rome Tiles and Ceramics – Tile Shop – Perth, WA, Australia

ia Roma Tile & Ceramics specialises in the supply and fixing of a wide range of ceramic, marble, porcelain, terracotta, and mosaic tiles.

We source our tiles from all over the world in order to provide the very best quality, price and range to our customers.

In addition, we are able to offer the services of our fixing division, and you can be assured that the high standard of our tiles and ceramics equally extends to the workmanship of our team of tilers, fixers, and waterproofing specialists.

And we know that good service doesn’t just start and end in the purchase of tiles and good workmanship. We also know that the renovators and builders of WA are frustrated with unreliable and scarce workers, jobs that get started but never seem to finish, and jobs that never seem to get started at all…Via Roma Tile and Ceramics was born out of one such customer’s similar experience in WA, and a determination that it could and should be done better. Let us prove to you that it can!

Via Roma Tile & CeramicsAddress:

Alexander Dr,
WA 6090
Tel: (08) 9248 3826‎

Ancient Venetian Floor Company – Tile Shop – Dallas, USA

Posted onApril 21, 2013

Ancient Venetian Floor Company – Tile Shop – Dallas, USA 

Ancient Venetian Floor Company is a unique manufacturer of hand crafted floor medallions, wall mosaics, borders, tabletops, and bases. The company uses only the most unusual or exceptional marble and semi-precious stones from throughout the world. Our inspired designs reflect Roman historical buildings and monuments as well as ancient Venetian pavement and groundwork traditionally found in religious buildings in Rome and Venice.

Through a special process these masterpieces have a singular, antique textured finish creating uneven surfaces like those found in ancient historical buildings from hundreds of years of wear. Upon request the company can also produce honed and newly polished surfaces.

1516 Edison Street
Dallas , TX 75207
Phone:      214-741-4555
Fax:           214 741 4147