TERRACUITA, S.A.-tile manufacturer-VILAFAMÉS, CASTELLON, Spain.

Posted onFebruary 14, 2012


TERRA CUITA manufactures ceramic bisque support tiles of fast single firing from 1975, leading the sector in the Spanish market with a daily production of 27,000 square meters.

TERRA CUITA has a wide experience at the ceramic bisque tile to be glazed production and comercialization. This makes a basis to offer a large range of models and to submit a technical assistance at the new products development of the glazed tiles manufacturer clients.

New product developments have increased the production range. This new ceramic support models are designed to be joined to other material for the products manufacture that settle the current building requirements.

TERRA CUITA exports its material to more than 20 countries around the world. A warehouse of a million square meters is kept to fulfill a three weeks downtime.

Ctra. La Puebla-Villafamés, km. 16
From Spain:     International:
Telephone numbers     964 329036     +34 964 329036
Fax:     964 329262     +34 964 329262
For more information visit:     http://www.terra-cuita.com
Mail address:     info@terra-cuita.com
Administrador Único:     D. Pablo Peris Domínguez
Director Administración:     D. Pablo Peris Peña
Director Comercial:     D. Rafael Dols Peña
Types of tiles:     Gres porcelánico, Bizcocho
Types of piece:     Piezas base rectangulares o cuadradas
Piezas base poligonales con lados iguales
Piezas complementarias o especiales

TECNIGRES, S.A.-tile manufacturer-SANT JOAN DE MORÓ, CASTELLON, Spain.

Posted onFebruary 5, 2012


The long trajectory of Cerámicas Aparici in the production of wall and floor tiles, and its dedicated bet on the technological innovation, has been a part of what is today our product: a material of the best quality. Giving the maximum attention and requirements in the selection of material, just like the supervision of the whole productive process. Cerámicas Aparici has achieved to elevate itself between the most powerful companies in the sector.

At the moment, we count with two production plants (one for wall tiles and another for floor tiles) with a total surface of 280.000 square meters . Both have modern technology of automated management for each one of the areas of pressing, enameling, kilns and classification.

This line of work based on the concept of quality, innovation and work, has affected in the enormous growth of our capacity of production that reaches the 14.500.000 square meters per year, clear example of the capacity and reliability of our company. we bet on a line of product with elevated content of investigation and design, where the process of renovation is continuous to adapt oneself in a market that is each day more and more changing and demanding.

Ctra. Castellón, km. 4
From Spain:     International:
Telephone numbers     964 701010     +34 964 701010
Fax:     964 701049     +34 964 701049
For more information visit:     http://www.aparici.com
Mail address:     ceramicas@aparici.com
Gerente:     D. Maximiano Aparici Miralles
Types of tiles:     Pavimentos
Types of piece:     Piezas base rectangulares o cuadradas

CERLAT, S.A.-tile manufacturer-ONDA, CASTELLON,Spain.

Posted onJanuary 23, 2011

CERLAT  S.A.-tile manufacturer-ONDA CASTELLON Spain.

Since one century ago, Azulejos El Mijares S.L., has gone over a long trajectory of improvement, renovation and up dating in the tiles production, going from the simple manufacture of several red body square meters to a capacity over 3.000.000 square meters per year. During all this time has followed always the same principles. The ones over it was founded. Quality and service, now a days optimised owing to the latest technologies used during the fabrication process.Compromising itself with the respect and protection of the environment. An specialized production and an exclusive design make them one of the first factories of the ceramic world. Being a pioneer in the fabrication of these materials, Azulejos El Mijares directs its steps o the future, betting on the innovation, design and vanguard in all its products, increasing the fidelity in the relation with its customers.

Ctra. Ribesalbes, s/n.
From Spain:     International:
Telephone numbers     964 776570     +34 964 776570
Fax:     964 771752     +34 964 771752
For more information visit:     http://www.azulejosmijares.com
Mail address:     cerlat@cerlat.com
Gerente:     D. José Oscar Bachero Balaguer
Director Exportación:     D. Alonso Bachero Balaguer
Director Comercial:     D. José Manuel Albalat Bachero
Types of tiles:     Azulejos, Pavimentos, Gres porcelánico
Types of piece:     Piezas complementarias o especiales


Posted onJanuary 12, 2011


Cerámicas Aparici S.A. produces and commercializes ceramic wall and floor tiles and porcelain tiles to the national and international market.
The ceramic company is managed in Alcora ( Castellón de la Plana ) in 1961, the place where the fabrication of tiles is already, a tradition associated with its culture. In its origins it counted with a team of 8 people with which is dedicated to elaborate a ‘ bizcocho’ through traditional kilns.In 1966, moment of a big boom in ceramics in all the province, the first expansion is made getting to the 10.000 square meters of installation and a work force of 50 workers.
In its business growth, Cerámicas Aparici stands out for being one of the pioneer companies to launch to the market the floor tiles.At the end of the decade of the 70s, the second expansion takes place in which Cerámicas Aparici reaches the 150 workers, with facilities of 20.000 square meters and with a productive capacity of 6.000 square meters .
At the moment, the facilities of Cerámicas Aparici possesses a productive capacity that reaches the 14.500.000 square meters a year and a total of 280.000 square meters
Ctra. Castellón – Alcora, Km. 12
From Spain:     International:
Telephone numbers     964 701010     +34 964 701010
Fax:     964 701049     +34 964 701049
For more information visit:     http://www.aparici.com
Mail address:     ceramicas@aparici.com
Gerente:     D. Maximiano Aparici Miralles
Types of tiles:     Azulejos, Pavimentos, Gres porcelánico
Types of piece:     Piezas base rectangulares o cuadradas
Piezas base poligonales con lados desiguales

Fiordo Industrie Ceramiche-tile manufacturer-Sassuolo, Modena, Italy.

Posted onJune 27, 2010

Fiordo Industrie Ceramichetile manufacturer-Sassuolo, Modena, Italy.
Panariagroup Industrie Ceramiche SpA

Fiordo Industrie Ceramiche is the industrial reality, from which it has taken the complete technical and commercial heritage of “PanariaGroup Industrie Ceramiche S.p.A.”. The brand new factory in Toano (Fora di Cavola RE) includes 80,000 square meters of industrial area land, 23,000 of which with covered buildings. The complete cycle production is carried out with technologically advanced computer-controlled machinery, which are state-of-the-art for automation and quality control. The yearly productive capacity by Fiordo ranges from 1 million to 3 million square meters of porcelained stoneware.

Via Emilia Romagna, 31
Sassuolo, 41049

Tel.+39 0536 814 811
Fax: +39 0536 812 114
E-mail: fiordo@fiordo.it
Url: http://www.fiordo.it