ABK GROUP INDUSTRIE CERAMICHE S.P.A.a tile company specialized in white body double fired tiles

Posted onOctober 23, 2013

ABK GROUP INDUSTRIE CERAMICHE S.P.A.i-tile manufacturer-Modena Italy

ABK was established in 1992 as a ceramics manufacturer specialising in wall tiles. Thanks to a series of strategic, carefully targeted acquisitions, the ABK brand now also stands out in the manufacture of porcelain stoneware floor tiles, offering clearly identifiable products whose aesthetics and quality do not just meet market trends, they often set them.

Nowadays, the company is recognised worldwide as a leader in Italian ceramics whose corporate philosophy has quality and service at its core.

This is possible thanks to the two major industrial facilities, equipped with specialised production technology, located in Finale Emilia and Solignano, which work in synergy with the logistics hub in Fiorano Modenese.

a tile company specialized in white body double fired tiles

Address: Via San Lorenzo 24/A
Zip: 41034
City: Finale Emilia
Province: Modena
Telephone: 39-0535-761-311
Fax: 39-0535-592-800
E-mail: abk@abk.it
Web: www.abk.it
Marketing Director: Pres. Roberto Fabbri

Etruria design Srl-tile manufacturer-Modena, Italy.

Posted onJune 27, 2010

Etruria design Srltile manufacturer-Modena, Italy.

Etruria originated with the idea of re-creating, complete with all its accompanying trims, the classical Diamond 15×15 and 7.5×15 tile which first appeared on the scene as a wall covering in the Paris Metro stations in 1900, but which then disappeared over the years which followed, due to the breakneck industrialisation of the production process. The name given to the firm behind this new reproduction was Antica Fornace, emphasising the recovery of this finely-crafted tile from the past, and the hand-workmanship vital to its production.

The range of sizes and colours expanded over the years, reaching today a range of more than 20.000 items. With this development of shape and colour, the company realised it had mastered two of the fundamental variables in design: it therefore changed its name in 2003 to ETRURIA design.
ETRURIA sees design not so much as a single concept of beauty, but as a world-view and approach to creative work involving the broadest, freest use of shape and colour, all within one vast, naturally developing project.

This new vision of the company and product does not stop with the name; it also includes the firm’s image and global communications.
The image is product-based, simple and essential, underlining all the pieces´ physical qualities.

Via Jugoslavia, 74/76
Modena, 41122

Tel.+39 059 452 188
Fax: +39 059 452 191
E-mail: info@etruriadesign.it
Url: http://www.etruriadesign.it